Always delicate to display personal information in a website without appearing too narcissist. I do not pretend to know it all about Karate Do and I keep training hard to know more and be better... With around 40 years of serious and almost daily practice... some how... something in the way... I learned. As my trainer and friend Jean Pierre Lavorato and our friend Dominique Valera consistently repeat... 'We have two hands, one to take, one to give'. So now is the right timing for me to give more... and I will be happy to share.
Jean Marc Lopez, Black Belt 7th Dan, has over 45 years experience in Martial Arts.

As a kid he studied judo & boxing for 5 years and then Karate Shotokan for the last 37 years until today.
Sensei Jean-Pierre Lavorato, Black Belt 9th Dan, former European Champion, and Karate expert has always been Jean Marc Lopez’s trainer. O Sensei Taiji. Kase, Black Belt 10th Dan, was Jean Marc’s Karate Master for 25 years until his death on November 2004.

Jean Marc Lopez is assisting in the development of the International Karate-do Academy. Jean Marc is also affiliated with the FFKDA (French Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines) with a Diplôme d’État de la Jeunesse, de l’Éducation Populaire et du Sport (DEJEPS). In addition, he has a Doctorate from the University of Nice for research in Information and Communication Sciences.

The International Karate-do Academy brings together practitioners of karate-do who aspire to a common and an authentic vision of this martial art. In order to preserve and promote karate-do in the tradition that was handed down to us by Gichin Funakoshi Sensei, then by his son Yoshitaka, and, more recently and closer to us by Taiji Kase Sensei, the International Karate-do Academy has been founded around a karate-do practitioner of high esteem: Jean-Pierre Lavorato Sensei, 9th Dan.
The Academy is dedicated to Karate training only. There is no mandatory membership to participate in seminars and courses. All associations and all Federations members are welcome.



Do Shotokan Tradicional XVII Seminario Internacional Kase Ha Colombia

Sochin al XVII Seminario Internacional de Karate Do Shotokan Tradicional



If you want to organize a seminar under the direction of Jean Marc Lopez , then fill in the form , we will provide you information and availability.




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