From one hour to yearly programs, specialized and unique fitness personal training face to face or online on anything Fitness.

Innovative approach to the total body workout. Outstanding results in a relatively short time!

Fitness programs can be combined with diet suggestions (do not worry you will eat good and consistent meals).

These are ‘tailor made’ individual classes regarding your needs, goals, age, body type.

Fitness Programs include :

- Indoor and Outdoor Training
- Cardio
- Boxing Bag Training
- Gymnastics
- Pilates / Stretching (Human Art Movement method)
- Weightlifting
- Plyometric exercises
- Aerobic and anaerobic training

Fitness programs develops strength, coordination, speed, explosiveness, balance and will power.


Additional info

Please use the contact form to introduce yourself and your level of experience in Karate or any other defense, combat system if any.
Be specific about your goals and desire of achievement.
Tell us your location that we can determine together if a face to face private class can be set up.