During Self Defense classes, we focus on street self-defense using our body as a weapon:

Open hands, punches, elbows, knees, kicks… appropriate moves and blocking techniques.

Defenses against various situations, one or several opponents, strikes, chokes, and weapons.

Realistic training drills based on instinctive movements targeting “Vital Points” of the Human Body.

No Karate uniform or Karate experience & protocol needed.

Self Defense Classes for Teens

As many parents of teens know, the teenage years can be some of the most challenging.
Your teen will develop a healthier body & self image, stronger self esteem and enhanced social skills.
Through self defense private classes, your kid will learn guiding principles, consequences of actions, decision making and how to interact with others.
A solid asset that will help teens in all areas of their life.


Additional info

Please use the contact form to introduce yourself and your level of experience in Karate or any other defense, combat system if any.
Be specific about your goals and desire of achievement.
Tell us your location that we can determine together if a face to face private class can be set up.